• Use of the VRAXIOLI.COM e-store is governed by these terms and conditions (hereinafter the Terms & Conditions) which users are requested to read carefully and comply with. VRAXIOLI.COM considers that before visiting WWW.VRAXIOLI.COM users have taken cognisance of the Terms & Conditions as applicable from time to time, and have unreservedly accepted them. Use of the VRAXIOLI.COM e-store entails unreserved acceptance of these Terms & Conditions. If a user does not agree with these Terms & Conditions, he is obliged not to make use of WWW.VRAXIOLI.COM.• VRAXIOLI.COM shall be entitled to amend these Terms & Conditions of Use at any time without notice, but undertakes the obligation to update this text in relation to each amendment or addition.

• Should any terms hereof be invalid, that shall not entail the invalidity of the other terms. Failure by VRAXIOLI.COM to exercise its rights deriving from these Terms & Conditions shall not entail a waiver of those rights. VRAXIOLI.COM shall not be liable for infringement of these Terms & Conditions due to force majeure, such as extreme weather conditions, earthquakes, floods, fires, states of emergency, etc.


In order to provide quality services, the necessary data has to be collected from customers in to ensure that transactions can be entered into safely, securely and efficiently. VRAXIOLI.COM complies with the terms and conditions set out in this section in relation to that data and also complies with the personal data protection principles laid down in Law 2472/1997 as in force today. VRAXIOLI.COM acts at all times within the context of the legal framework, and reserves the right to change the personal data protection terms and conditions having notified users / visitors to this website in advance.


What information we collect and for what purpose 
When you want to place an order, to allow you to connect to the e-store and obtain a password we ask that you fill out your name-surname, email address, home address and provide us with a fixed telephone number. VRAXIOLI.COM collects and uses that information:

• to support and complete the transactions that customers wish to enter into with the Company (e.g. to confirm the order, etc.).

• for advertising / sales promotion purposes (information about new products and services from Vraxioli MODA, special offers, newsletter, etc.).

• to prepare statistics and reports about customers and their purchases on WWW.VRAXIOLI.COM


Disclosure of information to a third party
Under no circumstances will VRAXIOLI.COM disclose, sell, swap, assign, lease or provide the information you have entrusted to us to third parties, whether legal entities or natural persons, in any way. The only exception to this obligation are the cases where the customer has been informed in advance and/or the customer has given his consent to the data being collected and/or personal data disclosure is required by a provision of law and/or is necessary in order to implement a customer order. In all events the customer has a right of unimpeded access to his data and to request that that data be deleted. Moreover, he is entitled to exercise any of his rights under Articles 11 to 13 of Law 2472/1997 as in force. In all events, however, the customer data shall be held by VRAXIOLI.COM only for such time as the user is registered with WWW.VRAXIOLI.COM and/or for such time as transactions are entered into with us, and shall be deleted immediately after the customer is deleted as a user.


Conditions for use of personal data 
Our Company holds a file with the said data for such time as you are a registered user of WWW.VRAXIOLI.COM. Users of WWW.VRAXIOLI.COM are entitled to access their personal data (Article 12 of Law 2472/1997) and have a right to request that their personal data be changed and/or deleted and may in general raise any objections about the processing of data relating to them (Article 13 of Law 2472/1997).


Purchasing process 
Our goal is to make things easier for you via a simple, quick, secure and pleasant transactional interface.
Click on the relevant button to purchase the item you are interested in and add it to your basket. There is one shopping basket for all purchases you may wish to make during any one visit.


Order delivery times

Your order will be filled and the goods delivered to you within 2 working days for areas in Attica and within 3 working days for the rest of Greece from the date on which your order was received, with the exception of cases where goods are out of stock.


If you are abroad, your order will be filled and the goods delivered within 7 working days from the date on which your order was received, with the exception of cases where goods are out of stock.


Goods in stock 
If some of the goods you have ordered are out of stock, we will contact you by email and/or phone within a reasonable time period from the date on which you placed your order to inform you about the likely delivery date. In that case you can request that the order for those goods be cancelled if you think that the time period does not suit you. All other parts of your order will be filled as per normal.


WWW.VRAXIOLI.COM shall not be liable to customers / users for losses which may arise from inability to fill their order. It also reserves its rights in relation to the time at which goods are delivered in the case of force majeure. WWW.VRAXIOLI.COM provides no guarantee about products being in stock but does guarantee that it will inform end consumers in good time if goods are out of stock.


Returns policy 
The returns policy for goods sold via the e-store WWW.VRAXIOLI.COM does not differ from that which applies at actual stores operated by vraxioli MODA. Note, though, that under the company’s strict rules and regulations, all products that have been purchased online cannot be changed or returned to any of the actual stores with VRAXIOLI.COM operates, in case of are faulty.


Order cancellation

You can cancel you order in the following cases:
1. After your order is completed and has been registered: If for some reason you want to cancel your order after registering it on our e-store and paying for it, please contact our company’s head offices via email or phone.


Shipping methods

Posting & Packaging Charges
The cost for orders from Greece and Abroad can be paid via paypal or bank account the number of which be given after contact with us. Orders will be sent by courier.

There is a flat cost for the dispatch all over Greece which amounts to 5.5 euro + IVA up to two kilos. Goods travel by courier and are sent to your place.


Payment Methods

Cash on delivery by courier.


Payment by credit card
The e-store WWW.VRAXIOLI.COM accepts payments by Visa/Mastercard/AmericanExpress/Discover credit cards via using of the PAYPAL system.
Transactions on our e-store take place via a bank and are protected by online security systems (SSL-128 bit and digital certificates from Verisign Inc.) which guarantee a secure transaction environment.


Force Majeure
If we cannot deliver the goods within the specified time (as stated in the paragraph entitled ‘Order delivery time’ due to force majeure (e.g. poor weather conditions, strikes) we will contact you as quickly as possible to tell us whether you want us to fill your order under those conditions.


Pricing policy 
The prices for the goods stated are not final (VAT is not included in Euro) and set by WWW.VRAXIOLI.COM and are competitive prices for similar merchandise from the relevant market in the territory of Greece. WWW.VRAXIOLI.COM reserves the right to change prices without giving customers prior warning.
Customers outside the European Union are subject to extra charges that may be imposed due to differences in the exchange rate, customs clearance, import duties, restrictions on products and other local requirements for which the company is not responsible in any way.


Terms and conditions of Contract 
VRAXIOLI.COM reserves the right to amend or renew the terms and conditions of transactions, and didn’t have obligation to inform consumers about any changes made.


Queries – Questions – Contact Person 
If you have any question / query please to do not hesitate to contact us. We will be only too pleased to assist you. You can contact us in the following ways:

1. by email at the address: