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Vraxioli .com – K&D

Who We Are

The inspiration for the Vraxioli .com born in a unique way when a computer professor and sculptress artist met.

Love and passion of the artist to creating jewels and inspiring other people with her ideas was the basic element.

As a team we like to combine ours skills to create unique and innovative services with highest quality in the market.

What We Are Doing

The Jewelries of Vraxioli  are made only with  copper, brass, silver plated, gold plated and sterling silver wires under the brand of K&D. All our materials collected with attention and value to the quality for a professional finishing.

We present our collections in a wide audience with respect to the consumer and high priority to the quality and low prices.

The style of our collection is modern with persistence to elegant. Source of the inspiration for us is the fine arts combination with the fashion, who always proved mine of ideas.

All of our jewels created in many ways and shapes before being ready for a commercial purpose.

Vraxioli.com give to you with a unique way the option to chose the materials to create of your personal jewels.

Final purpose of us is our creation to be your inspiration source and charm for you, Conviction of us is a jewel is very important you have chosen it with attention to full you with beautiful feelings with a way which make you feel unique.